University Life

In my previous post about what life in university is like I mainly addressed about what is required for international students to be successful but I didn’t really address any methods of what it takes to survive life at university. With the time constraints placed on International students it’s only fair that we can advise international students on strategies to ensure they can have the same advantages as domestic students even though international students have less of the time.

Surviving life at university

Surviving life at university takes more than fantastic time management skills for international students, it takes grind and work ethic. For an international student to survive university they need a plan. International students should read the learning guides for all of their individual units, write down the due dates of all their assignments and break down the assignment questions early.

The earlier you breakdown the assignment questions and understand what kind of research is required, the easier it is to answer the assignment question and demonstrate stronger academic performance.

Balancing work with studies whilst experiencing life at university

When you are organised about your academic deadlines you can plan the expectations with your manager at work in advance. They will appreciate you being forthcoming and informing them in advance as well as work with you to make sure they can accommodate you during that assignment period. Life at University is going to be very difficult especially if you are going to be working part time.