University Life can help you navigate how you can organise yourself in preparation of O’week!

Hey! You are an ADULT!! Congratulations. You have finally taken your first step in the UNIVERSITY. This is like starting a complete new chapter. New faces, new classrooms, new territory, new sense of liberty around studies.

This can be a little overwhelming. The feeling of being a small boat in an ocean can be pretty hard to sail. There is a campus full of hidden shortcuts, hidden lecture theaters, library, food court and so on… that you need to get familiar with before you start with your first day.

That is why it is important to make full use of your Universities Orientation Week, which is also called as O-Week. The Orientation Week gives a feel of the University life before you start with your lectures. It can get you off to a  good kick start on making the most out of the next few years.

It is the best way to familiarize yourself with the surroundings, campus, make new friends, meet your faculty heads, see the international admin department, check out the library, food courts/canteens, and majorly let off steam at one of the numerous parties. Here are some of the survival tips to make your life a little less complicated at the university.

Plan your Orientation Week List

one of the best things about the orientation week is that you find something or the other that suits your interest. Be it- courses, lectures, concerts, societies, clubs etc. Research well about the schedule, timing, place beforehand. and plan according to what interests you the most.

Join Clubs and Societies

Signing up for any society or a Club can be the most effective way to meet new people as well as make a lot of new friends who might share the same kind of interests as you. This will make your life a little easy at the university.There are clubs for everything such as theater, gaming, sports and so on.. The list of societies and clubs at each university will always be listed on its personal university Website.

Complete Administration Work

This is one of the most important point to be taken into consideration by all the students. Get your Student Id card and your Timetable sorted as soon as you reach the university. Enroll for the lectures you want to attend in your first semester at the university. The last thing you need at the first day is stress of trying to enroll for the classes that are already full.

Take a Campus Tour

Most of the Campuses In the universities are Vast. Plan to take a tour of the campus during the orientation week if you do not want to get lost during your first few weeks at university. Most of the universities provide a campus tour, they let you know where the important buildings and sections are like, food court, library, admin department, staff rooms, international student service room, university bar, activity rooms and so on…

Find out what you require for the first day at the University

your first day at the university you might require your Your passport and the photocopy of your personal details as well your visa copy, confirmation of your enrollment, latest results, a pen and a notepad is also a must to jot down some important notes if need be.

Meet your university lecturers and organise your accommodation

Meet Faculty heads and your Lecturers. They are the people who will guide you through out your entire period at the university. Studying the right way is what you are here in Australia for. Attending lectures regularly is very important. having Minimum 85% attendance is one of the Visa conditions for any international student travelling on Student Visas to Australia.

Also if you are living on campus then sort out your student accommodation as soon as you reach the university. You would definitely want to know your room partner, whom you are sharing your room with for the entire period of stay at the university. Off campus or On Campus, arrange your accommodation as soon as you reach Australia.

Orientation Week also called as “O WEEK” in Australia is a must for all the international and local students, for them to get familiarized with The UNIVERSITY LIFE in Australia.