Life in University in Australia

Living life in australia as a student is expensive, everything costs and your time if not accounted for will go by very quickly. Learn the ins and outs about studying in Australia and living life in universities in Australia.

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Studying in Australia

There are so many things to do, such as going on a haunted tour of an old Australian penal colony (it has a bar as well), this colony is called cockatoo island and was used to construct ships.

Strict study requirements

Our semesters are 14 weeks in length and usually comprise of several assessments per unit. It is normal for students to take 4 units per semester which is equal to 40 hours of study per week for 14 weeks including several assignments. This is just the study requirements. This is the most basic summary of life at university, study study study.

What is university life like in australia htp;//
Studying in Australia

Studying in Australia is a big deal and the quality of education here is very high which is why there is so much study and expectations from students when they come to australia for their degree.

Attending classes

Class attendance is more often than not compulsory which means that if you do not attend your classes you will most likely fail. This is because lecturers often believe that students who are attend are students who are more involved and responsible for their learning.

What is university life like in australia htp;//
Studying in Australia

As a student you are responsible for your attendance in class and if a class compulsory attendance you may fail the unit which means you will have wasted your time and money for nothing. Make sure you attend your classes.

Staying social

Staying social is an important aspect of participating in the university experience. Participating in extracurriculars makes you a versatile employee with strong communicative skills and those traits and skills are very marketable to employers. In fact, most employers are looking beyond your transcript and are looking for people who know how to work with others and communicate well.

Life in University in Australia -
Life in University in Australia

In fact, there is always something to do in australia and you will never get bored. For this reason. Australia is a very social place and there is no shortage of activities on campus or off campus to participate in. Take advantage of your lectures and classes whilst at university, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people.

Meeting deadlines

Managing your time is the most important skill you can learn in university, good time management skills will translate into academic performance which is something you can discuss in a job interview. Managing your deadlines is an important aspect of daily life. Your personal brand, who you are is important to employers, they want someone who can exceed their expectations and deliver the quality of work they expect on time.

Being healthy

Being healthy is a big part of staying focused and alert. Life at university will only be decent if you can stay healthy. If you cannot retain information which you are learning on a daily basis you may need to look at some changes to your lifestyle. This means exercising on a daily basis for at least 45 minutes and making better dietary choices. No more alcohol or junk food on weekdays and no carbs after 8pm.

Life in University in Australia -
Life in University in Australia

Studying at university means that you must take responsibility for your lifestyle and if you are gaining weight, experiencing frequent constipation, unable to focus and are always stressed it might be time to stop drinking and eating ramen.

Looking after your mental health

Looking after your mental health is the most important aspect of studying in australia, if you lose your mind you won’t be able to focus on your studies. This means that you should look after your mental health by staying in touch regularly with friends, minimising alcohol use and taking advantage of time management strategies so that you are not overwhelmed with your deadlines.

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studying in australia | what is life like at Australian University?

All universities in australia have counselling departments which can support international students throughout their studies whilst in Australia. If you are stressed out or are feeling down, reach out to a friend or get in touch with your local counselling service.

Finding part time work

Life at university isn’t great without a stable income. Universities have job portals where you can apply for jobs with companies which have been partially vetted by the university. This means that when you apply for work the universities are aware that you are a student and will take it easier on you.

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what is university life like in australia for international students?

Many companies in Australia make allowances for students who can only work part time because it means that they can hire multiple people for the same costs of one single person. This is called job share and is very common amongst international students.