First let’s talk about what studying in Australia is not…

Studying in Australia is certainly not about avoiding your studies, not matter how much you wish this was true. In most cases international students have time for friends, work and relationships but no time for thier studies.

Studying in Australia is not about having parties

Many people will say that studying in australia is not about having parties but what do they know? They don’t know the stressed about managing time, keeping a schedule or meeting deadlines or even trying to find a part time job as an international student. No, that wouldn’t know anything about that. There are so many parties offered on campus that you could count at least one every week!When you sign up to the different student societies you will see how often they invite you out for a party. Australia is also home to many concerts, raves and warehouse parties. Be safe!

Studying in Australia is not about having fun…

Everyone says that you don’t take your studies seriously, everyone reminds you that studying is australia is not about having fun. But they have not visited and they don’t understand the temptation of visiting this place. They do not understand the workload that international students go through to relax and have fun. Experiencing what Red Balloon has to offer is always a great idea. You can go race car driving, skydiving, rock climbing and more. They also offer gifting services which you should purchase for that special someone.

Studying in Australia is definitely not about eating non-stop….

Everyone always comments on the size of my stomach, does the same happen to you? Ever since I have started studying i have not been able to stop eating. There is so much to eat here! someone should seriously send help before I explode! Everyone says that studying in Australia is not about the food, well I disagree. I say everyone is about food, everything is linked. Have they not seen the matrix? Australia is a multicultural country and there is so much to eat. Thank goodness, for all of the food because I have never been so bored. Australia is the opposite to the US when it comes to the food. Here it’s quality over quantity.

Studying in Australia is certainly not about playing with the wildlife…

Everyone says that studying in Australia is dangerous and that you have to stay indoors. That’s not true and we all know it. Australia is one of the safest places to swim with crocodiles…… (sarcasm?). Let’s not try to prove them wrong and leave the animal management to the famous irwin family. Getting out there to the Zoo or Sea world, it doesn’t matter but you should at least experience it just once, It will make so much of a difference to your mind set as an adult and give you many memories to think about in the long run.

Studying Australia is not about experiencing adventure…

When your family sent you to Australia how many times did they ask if you are going to travel. I bet you replied to them that you are going to focus on studies and make them proud. I accept that studying in Australia is very tough but you should seriously get outside once in a while. Getting outdoors will make you a well travelled person, especially if you can get to kakadu national park. What a historic place. If you can get all the way out there, I am confident that Australia will provide you with so many photos and bragging rights.

Studying in Australia is not about being inspired

Studying in australia should be inspiring to you, it should make you feel like you have the opportunity and ambition (i believe in you) to do something great with your time here. Pick up another internship, start another blog. I believe that Australia will give you the environment you need to succeed. Being inspired in Australia is a great thing because there are so many avenues and different ways in which you can grow as a person. Life has a way of leading us down many different paths and I know that starting a degree in a different country is tough but I know you can make it!

Okay, so what is studying in Australia about then?

Studying in australia is certainly about having fun and making the most of every opportunity available to you. When you come here to study there is so much to do, see, hear and eat. THere are so many places for you to explore. It is not possible to see the entirety of australia in one lifetime. That is why most people get married, so that they have two life times (joke..). Studying in Australia is more than about getting an education is more than about building your professional network. The resources at your university are there to help you succeed on a personal and professional level. Which means that you should apply for everything that comes into your mailbox.

Studying in Australia is about getting an education

Yes, Studying in Australia is about getting en education, but also about broadening your skillset. What if I told you that every university offers free online classes for almost anything you can think of. That’s right, just go into the library and ask about it. Most universities have institutional subscription to online self-education providers which specialise in e-learning.

Studying in Australia is about making new friends

There are so many social clubs at university. There are so many activities to participate in when you get to university. In fact, almost every university has a “Food Society”, which is a society where everyone can fit in and talk about their mutual interest, or go out and eat it… See, there is so much more about studying in australia than you thought… Food Societies!

Studying in Australia is about building your personal profile

Your personal brand means alot when it comes to graduation. This means that being at university is your chance to grow your personal profile and make a lot of friend who share the same interest and ambitions as you. Which is likely to be the case as you will make probably make friends with people who are in your cohort. This means that every activity you participate in, every program which you join, you should at least try and get a selfie up on linkedin.

Studying in Australia is about whatever you want it to be

Yes, studying in australia is about whatever you want it to be. This is your experience and don’t let anyone tell you have to manage it. It doesn’t matter who is paying for your degree, it’s up to you to decide how you want to manage your time. You have one life to live and you should be as happy as you can be for as as long as you can be. This means that you should balance your short term happiness against your long term happiness and make sure that you surround yourself with good people.