There are several universities in Australia with low fees for international students. However, these low fees are typically a reflection on quality of staff, infrastructure and location but not on the education quality itself.

Cheap Universities in Australia

University of New England

The university of New England is considered a relatively cheap university. It’s main campus is located in Armidale and is considered a regional university. The University of New England is considered to be a fantastic university in terms of education and staff. It remains cheap due to the low overheads in comparison to universities in metropolitan locations.

Holmes Institute

Holmes Institute has locations in brisbane, sydney and melbourne and offers undergraduate degrees. Holmes institute is known with it’s friendly and hospitable staff and close proximity to public transport.

Kings Own Institute

Kings Own Institute is known for it’s proximity to public transport and being a very affordable place to study. Kings Own Institute is well regarded for offering decent education at an affordable price.

Kent Institute

Kent Institute is an affordable place to study. It has a campus located in sydney and offers undergraduate courses in Accounting. It’s known for being very affordable and having close proximity to public transport.

Flinders University

Flinders University is a regional university that offers courses in engineering, health and business and is regarded as a fantastic teaching university. it is located on a beautiful campus and provides students with a great learning space. Flinders University is very affordable and you should definitely consider studying here. It’s located in South Australia.

University of Southern Queensland

University of Southern Queensland is a regional university located in toowoomba Queensland. The university offers courses in business, health, information technology and engineering.