There are many pros and cons of studying in australia as an international student. However, I do believe that the pros outweigh the cons and I will explain why.

There are more opportunities for International students here in Australia than back home, generally.

Now, let me qualify this statement. Many international students arrive to study in Australia, to study but after experiencing the climate and what it has to offer, they often change their minds and decide to stay with their friends.

The opportunities in Australia for international students include a massive social life with all of the social clubs that the different universities have to offer, employment opportunities and a high standard of living.

It goes without saying that the quality of education offered in Australia is rather high. But it should also be noted that the competitiveness of education in Australia is also very high. Students are often required to compete with each other in class for marks. It’s not as hostile as written, but it’s definitely an innovative way of marking “class participation”.

The part time work opportunities available in Australia allow for international students to meet their income needs without sacrificing their visa obligations which requires them to prioritise their studies first.

Australia is a multicultural country

What are the pros and cons of studying in Australia as international student?
There are soooo many great things about living in a multicultural country!

Being an international student, you will have the chance to make friends who speak your mother tongue. This advantage of “unfamiliar place-same language” is exactly what you need to become accustomed to the country. Since you are studying in a multicultural country you will make friends who speak all different kinds of languages and try all theses different foods and share unlimited unique experiences.

The advantage of studying in Australia is becoming culturally-competent, that is knowing how to communicate with a variety of people, from all backgrounds and have unique experiences.

Very high standard of education

Education in Australia is recognised around the world for the level at which university education is taught to students. There are various institutions that set minimum standards and performance measures for universities to ensure that they are teaching are the prescribed standard.

The standard of education is professed and well regarded amongst many of the other top universities around the world. Put Simply, Australian Universities are globally ranked and any international student should be grateful for the opportunity to study in Australia.

High standard of living

Australia has a very high standard of living which is probably the most noticeable aspect of living in australia as a student. Universities prioritise mental and physical health of students and staff and it is encouraged that you participate in social activities and extracurriculars to ensure that you make the most of your university experience.

Australia is rated rank two in terms of living standard on the human development index. Australia is a very desirable place to live and study, making sydney, brisbane, tasmania and melbourne highly sought places for students. The nightlife is these cities can get very wild and it is encouraged that students participate in social activities.

With a part time job on 20 hours a week and limited financial support from home, you should be well off to support yourself and even enjoy the luxury of new textbooks every semester.

Adventure Time – Get Outdoors

Australia is a great place to get outside and travel. There are museums, art galleries, famous places to eat, beaches to explore, Zoo’s, Aquariums, indie cinemas, parklands, hiking, canyoning, abeselling, canoeing, camping, fishing, concerts, raves, clubbing and cultural and religious gatherings.

There is so much to do in most large cities within Australia.

You may become home sick

You may become stressed during exam period, the time difference from your home country may make it difficult to cope. It’s important to note that many students around you will be going through a similar experience, you are not alone. If you feel lonely, reach out to a close friend who can talk you through it and get your through the exam period.

Australia can be expensive

Australia gets very expensive very quickly and from 1st July 2018 the recommended living expenses cost $20,290 per year. This does not include university fees. You should set a weekly budget for accommodation ($150-$350), food ($50-$170) and your extras ($20-$100).

Cultural and Language Barrier

The cultural and language barrier may ‘shock’ you at first, but it’s important to note that it won’t be so harsh once you get to the university campus. Staff at universities are extremely accommodating and have a lot of respect for students who are coming to study, especially if english is a second language. Most people are nice, don’t be shy and reach out if you ever get lost.