Yes, Australia is a very safe country for international students. When you consider where international students live in proximity to university campuses, how far international students travel, you can come to the conclusion that studying in Australia is relatively safer than in most countries.

There are not many disadvantages of studying in Australia in fact, i’d say there are more advantages of studying in australia than what there would be in your home country. I say this for several reasons, the first reason would be learning cultural competence. Cultural competence is about connecting with people who have different experiences than you, come from different backgrounds and speak different languages. Learning to connect with people from different cultures not only helps you mature rather quickly but is a very employable trait which is marketable back home.

Australia has world class education systems in place which set standard of performance of universities. Therefore, it makes sense that studying in Australia seems like it could be a better idea than studying in your home country. For international students, australia is the country for choice to study. This is because of the higher standard of education and standard of living which is on offer.

I hope this answers your question and if there is any more questions which you may have, please feel free to reach out.