The cost of study depends on a variety of factors for example, the kind of degree you are planning to study, which university you are going to study at, your accommodation and your day to day living expenses.

Choosing your degree

When choosing your degree you need to be sure that whatever degree you choose is within your budget. The following document goes into detail and it talks about the allowed (maximum) student contribution rates. The term “student contribution rates” is a fancy term for student fees. Make sure you study this guide. Whilst the amounts are quite extreme and expensive, keep in mind that universities will want to remain competitive to secure more international students.

Choosing your University

Your choice of university should consider three things: Location, What you would like to do for a career and the importance of university prestige and the kind of effect the university prestige will have on your education. Typically speaking, it’s possible to balance the three of those factors against your budget, but you will have to speak to an educational consultant for that kind of information.

Your accommodation

Your accommodation is important because it’s going to determine your proximity to where you are going to study and the last thing any international student wants is to travel for a long time and spend their precious time travelling instead of studying. Studying in Australia is very important for many people, therefore it’s going to be very important that you either decide to live on campus or live close by to campus.

Your day to day living expenses

Your day to day living expenses should be close to $45-$90 per day, depending on how lavish your lifestyle is. You should keep your lifestyle in check if you decide that you are going to try and save to ensure that your can live comfortably and within your means.