Australian Universities are known for being flexible, in fact many universities offer conditional enrolments or alternate programs which allow the international student to, if successful transfer into their program of choice. Before you choose which course you’d like to study in australia with make sure you seek advice from an educational consultant.

Australian University Admission Requirements for International Students

Studying in Australia comes with responsibility. The universities want their students to succeed and inorder to make sure students can succeed, enable barriers to entry to ensure that students who can complete the course, will likely complete the course. With that being said, the universities will do their best to accommodate as many students as possible.

Education requirements and prerequisites

The minimum entry requirements into a university so that you can study in australia is to have at least passed the year 12 equivalent. Most courses require you to have at least studied two unit math. Your High School Certificate or college qualification will most likely be enough. Universities also consider professional experience in any field of two years or more when they consider university admission.

English Requirements (IELTS, PTE and Cambridge)

Most universities have an IELTS english requirement of 5.0. This is to ensure that international students who are studying in australia will have sufficient english language skills to comprehend the academic language. Some countries are excluded from this requirement. These countries will be listed on the entry requirements page for that university.

Fees and university costs

You must be able to pay your first semesters fees upfront in order to secure your place in the university. To study in australia, you also must be able to demonstrate a years living expenses in your bank account or provide a letter of support from your parents which demonstrates the funds in their bank account.

GPA requirements for Australian Universities

Australia does not assess qualifications by GPA instead they assess qualifications by a weighted mark average, also known as WAM. WAM can be calculated by the mean average of the final results for your unit. Each university has their own WAM calculator. You must meet the WAM threshold or be close to it and demonstrate at least two years professional experience to study in australia.