Making the decision to study in australia can be tough because of the number of various things you need to consider such as which course and institution, the costs involved, health insurance and last but not least the visa requirements for studying in Australia.

Choosing your course and institution

Don’t fall into the trap of prioritising your course based of the prestige of the university, instead you should focus on your motivations for doing such as course and how you are going to measure your return on investment for the degree. International students should not focus on university prestige but instead should focus on what their goals and motivations are for doing the degree.

The main reason for this is that often the competitiveness of a degree can diminish your motivation and leave you questioning your original motives for undertaking such a degree. Therefore, if you become discouraged in the middle or end of your degree, you will not see the benefit of having studied in a prestigious institution in the first place.

The costs involved

The costs involved for studying in australia is far from modest. There are university tuition fees, textbooks and living expenses. You should make sure that when you decide to study in Australia that you have enough money to support yourself.

University Tuition

University tuition for undergraduate fees depending on course can be $15,000-$40,000 Annually. Sometimes this rate can be exponentially higher, especially for specialised undergraduate courses.

University tuition for postgraduate fees, depending on the course can be $15,000-$28,000 annually. This rate can be higher depending on the kind of postgraduate study you undertake.

University tuition for research coursework masters by research and doctors of philosophy is likely to be subsidised by the university or Australian government. However, you may be expected to contribute $10,000- $27,000 in fees depending on your university. Universities tend to be flexible with research students as they are weary of financial difficulties for upcoming academics.


Textbooks are a large cost of studying in Australia, some courses expect you to pay $500 per semester for specific textbooks. Many students decide to share textbooks or borrow similar textbooks from the university library.

Living Expenses

Your expenses for living in australia will be approximately $21,000-$23,000 per year as a modest estimate. You must be able to demonstrate access to these funds before you enter Australia. You will be able to work 20 hours per week during the semester. All things considered your weekly budget for studying in Australia should be $400-$500 per week.

Health Insurance

Your overseas student health insurance is important. Your must insure yourself with a policy before you start studying in Australia. This is to ensure that you have adequate support incase you get sick whilst you are studying in Australia.