Can you get Permanent Residency after studying in Australia? Yes, find out how now.
In our related post Can studying in Australia lead to Permanent Residency? we spoke about the important of choosing the right occupation before choosing your course to maximise your opportunities when you are ready to lodge you EOI (Expression of Interest). By following this guide, you should have a strong understanding of how you can apply for PR after studying in Australia.

Yes, you can get PR after studying in Australia

You will need to have chosen a course which is on the long term skills list, you can see that list here:

Can I get PR after studying in Australia?
Can I Get PR after studying in Australia?

Select the “190- Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) and 189 Skilled Independent (Subclass 189)-Points-Tested”, this will take you to the occupations on the Skills List which are designated for those “PR Visas”.

You know which occupation you are going to choose, now what? How can I get PR after studying in Australia?

Choose your University

You will now have to choose the university which you believe will maximise your chances, this could be choosing a regional university, a group of 8 university or another university which may help you get through University Life. Some students are only focused on getting their degree and finding a job to start their lives.

Go regional for extra points

You can study at a regional university to get extra points. The regional university program was created to incentivise students to study at regional universities to balance out international student enrolments and provide an injection of capital into regional universities to bolster thier research capabilities. Regional universities have a great university life and are known for investing into student programs and extracurriculars.

Go for a masters by research in STEM for an extra 5 points

After finishing your undergrad study in australia, depending on what you choose as your occupation on the skills list, you may be interested in pursuing further study by enrolling in a Masters By Research in a STEM field, this will provide you with an extra 5 points but is limited to participating universities. Many professions will benefit from having a postgraduate education and research expertise in maths or sciences. Masters Research Students have a fantastic university life as they are considered student-faculty and get to experience the best of both worlds.

Get an internship, university placement or scholarship to help you find work in a related field

Before applying for PR after studying in Australia focus on getting an internship, university placement or scholarship is the first step to getting relevant experience on your resume. Students can only work 20 hours a week but after you graduate you may be allowed to seek full time work, depending on your visa, which is why you should focus on getting relevant work experience in your field. This will make the process of applying for PR after studying in australia that much easier. This will help your university life so much and give your some pocket money too.

Think about doing a professional year program related to your profession

Depending on the course you have chosen to apply for PR after studying in Australia, you will need to choose an applicable professional year course that will compliment your resume. You can read more about professional year program here. The professional year program can be taken after you graduate.

Consider becoming a certified translator through NAATI

Become a certified translator through NAATI. Whilst you are studying in Australia or on a temporary graduate visa you can enrol in a NAATI program that will allow you to demonstrate your skills in your language provided it is a designated community language, this offers you an additional five points to your points test.